Blunotte Band

The definitive show band

Simply one of the best bands you can find.

The Blunotte Band offers a show that traces the history of music by offering the best-known Italian and international songs from the '60s Soul and Funk (with Marvin Gaye and James Brown) up to the latest hits (with Bruno Mars and Daft Punk) passing through Blues and R&B (with Blues Brothers and Aretha Franklin).

All the band members bring with them experience with the most famous Italian and International artists.
This group offers a wide variety of sounds to satisfy every taste and is able to involve all the guests.
The enthusiasm and passion of this band are catching, the event is then a crescendo of rhythm and fun.

The band may propose during the pre-evening aperitif in short line-up (usually quartet) for a fine entertainment on the notes of the most famous Jazz&Swing pieces with contamination of Bossanova and, for the most demanding taste, British Pop.

The small band consists of 6 elements with Drums, Bass, Guitar, Piano/Male Voice, Female Voice and Sax.
The full band consists of 8 elements with the addition of another horn (trumpet) and a black voice which allow to add a variety of expression otherwise unthinkable.

The band is one of the most requested and it’s constantly traveling up and down the country & around the world.